Message from the organizers

We warmly thank the delegates, accompanying persons, sponsors and exhibitors who took part in the 31st International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC XXXI) in Caen and Deauville, France, from 23 to 30 July 2019 at the University of Caen Normandie for the first day of Tutorials and then at the Deauville International Conference Centre. This conference continued the sixty-year history of the ICPEAC series which began in New York, USA, in 1958 and held biennially since 1961.

With an attendance of 615 participants, including 32% of early-career researchers, ICPEAC XXXI brought together world's leading scientists who worked actively in the fields of collisions involving photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, clusters, surfaces, and exotic particles. The ICPEAC XXXI scientific program was carefully selected by the International Program Committee. It was led by distinguished tutorial and plenary lecturers who introduced and highlighted the recent discoveries in their field of research. The winners of the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics presented their remarkable achievements in one of the plenary session. This was followed by 62 progress reports which gave further details and in-depth analysis of many important works. Close to 795 original presentations were scheduled in 5 poster sessions with the best poster selected daily by the popular vote and 28 "hot topic" presentations promoted to oral talks.

The ICPEAC XXXI tutorials and the main conference were strongly supported by the conference sponsors which made possible to organize this event under very good conditions. They were looked after by professional and dedicated teams of conference logistics from both hosting locations who made the conference program running smoothly. The Local Organizing Committee is very thankful to all of them.

The delegates and guests enjoyed the social program, including gastronomy and wine during the Welcome Reception and Conference Dinner. They were immersed in the mazes of ancient Rome, thanks to virtual reality techniques developed by a well-known laboratory in Caen. The week-end was dedicated to excursions tours allowing to discover not only the delightful resort of Deauville, regarded as the “Queen of the Norman beaches”, but also the whole heritage offered by the Normandy territory.

We very much hope that you appreciated your attendance at the ICPEAC XXXI and you had been both enlightened and entertained by the conference and its social activities.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

Dominique Vernhet
INSP- Paris
Local Committee Chair

Lamri Adoui
CIMAP - Caen
Local Co-Chair

Danielle Dowek
ISMO - Orsay
Local Co-Chair

Olivier Dulieu
LAC - Orsay
Local Co-Chair

Emily Lamour
INSP- Paris
Local Co-Chair


The proceedings are online!



ICPEAC is...

... a conference held every two years on four continents, which gathers 500 to 800 participants at each edition.

The conference brings together world's leading scientists who are actively working in the field of collisions involving photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, clusters, surfaces, and exotic particles. The latest advances of the domain will be presented, such as ultrafast dynamics at the femto- or attosecond scale, ion-induced radiation damage in particular of biomolecules, atomic spectroscopy and molecular physics of antimatter, free electron lasers, particle acceleration generated by high-power lasers, or ultracold collisions.

Since 1995, ICPEAC around the World was in

Numbers indicate the participant's attendance.

The program will start with three Tutorial Lectures that will be held on the downtown Campus of the University of Caen Normandy.

In Deauville, the ICPEAC scientific program will consist of 5 Plenary Lectures, 63 Progress Reports, 26 Special Reports, and 5 Poster Sessions. Plenary talks are of general interest to all participants. Progress Reports and Special Reports will be arranged in two parallel sessions, and are intended to present recent work in different subfields. In particular, the Special Reports are selected from the submitted abstracts to showcase the most recent developments. Additionally, about 1000 Posters will be presented in five poster sessions, held either during morning or afternoon sessions. The conference language is English.

Broad topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Photon impact (weak field)

  • Photon impact (strong field and attosecond science)

  • Electron-atom collisions

  • Electron-molecule collisions

  • Electron-ion collisions

  • Collisions involving exotic particles

  • Ion-atom collisions

  • Atom-atom and ion-ion collisions

  • Ion-molecule and atom-molecule collisions

  • Field assisted collisions

  • Ultracold atomic and molecular physics

  • Collisions involving condensed matter

  • Experimental techniques

Some links...

For further information, please have a look at the outline of the scientific program and at the detailed Program schedule.

The speakers' list of the tutorials can be found here, and the complete list of ICPEAC invited speakers is available here.

3 tutorials
Departure by bus to Deauville
16:00 Opening of delegate registration
Welcome reception
Wednesday Official Opening
Plenary lecture
Coffee Break
Parallel sessions
Parallel sessions
Poster session
Public Lecture
Thursday Plenary lecture
Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Parallel sessions
Poster session
Friday Poster session
Plenary lecture
Parallel sessions
Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Saturday & Sunday Outdoor activities and Excursions
Monday Plenary lecture
Coffee break
Parallel sessions
Parallel sessions
Poster session
Conference dinner with awarding of the IUPAP and S. Datz prizes
Tuesday Poster session
Plenary lecture
Parallel sessions
Coffee break
Parallel sessions

Dates and Announcements

Important dates
First announcement September 2018
Second announcement February 2019
Accommodation booking As soon as possible!
Registration opens February 2019
Close of regular abstract submission for IOP publication 10 March 2019
Close of financial support request 10 March 2019
Deadline for early-bird registration 17 May 2019
Deadline for tour reservation via the registration form 17 May 2019
Close of post-deadline abstract submission 15 June 2019
Deadline for cancellation of registration (fee applies) 22 june 2019
Deadline for hotel reservation via the registration form 22 june 2019
Deadline for manuscript submission (invited speakers only) 23 july 2019

Program at a glance

Download the official ICPEAC 2019 flyer (click on the picture).

Getting there

The tutorials will be hosted by the University of Caen Normandy on 23 July 2019

The University of Caen Normandy (UNICAEN) is a member of Normandie Université, a research and higher education cluster, gathering the universities of Caen, Rouen, Le Havre and the engineering schools of Caen (ENSICAEN) and Rouen (INSA).

It has about 30 000 students, and more than 2 000 researchers working in 46 research units. Its exceptional scientific environment includes the GANIL facility (Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds), the largest heavy-ion accelerator in France where researchers from around the world perform their experiments.

The downtown campus of the University of Caen Normandy is thus particularly suited to host the TUTORIALS of ICPEAC, which will be opened and free of charge for Master and PhD students as well as Postdocs coming from all over the world. Note that these tutorials will be accessible to anyone who is interested.

GPS coordinates 49.1927, -0.3620

ICPEAC 2019 will be held at the Deauville International Center from 23 July (evening) to 30 July 2019

The Deauville International Center (CID) hosts about 160 events every year, the most renowned one being the American Film Festival. The CID offers first –class facilities to organize a large international conference like ICPEAC: big auditorium, numerous conference rooms, and exhibition halls. The CID is ideally located on the seafront, in a scenic environment suitable for informal discussions among the attendees.

GPS coordinates 49.3605, 0.06845

Caen and Deauville are both located in Normandy-Calvados, in just 45 mins by car, and are easy to reach from Paris (see the above interactive map). More detailed on Travel Information can be found here.


Please note: Deauville is a very touristic location and summer is the peak season; Participants are strongly encouraged to book their accommodation as early as possible since the supply of the hotel rooms may fail to meet the demand.

1800 rooms or apartments are located within 10 min walking distance from the International Center of Deauville (CID); quite a few hotel residences are available which can provide a good deal for participants including students. You can also think of renting a big house or even a small castle for your group!

Two options are available for booking your accomodation:

(i) A few hotel rooms have been secured by the Conference organization, and apartments in residence can be booked upon specific request.
More information here.
Those reservations should be made before 22 June 2019 to guarantee accommodation.

(ii) You can use your favorite web site.

More detailed information about accommodation (list of hotels and apartments, booking) is available here.

Abstracts and Proceedings

The abstracts of invited talks (Tutorials, Plenary Lectures and Progress Reports), will be accessible in electronic version from the Book of Abstracts that will be posted on the Conference Website. They will also be published in the Conference Handbook distributed to the participants.

All speakers are invited to submit a paper that will be published in a regular issue of IOP Journal of Physics.

The Tutorial lectures will be published in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, and specific instructions will be sent by email.

The Plenary Talks, Progress Reports and Special Reports, will be published in a regular issue of Journal of Physics: Conference Series, an online open-access journal that is freely available without restriction (see the ICPEAC 2017 JPCS Proceedings). Guidelines concerning the preparation and the submission of the manuscript files (page limits, styles, etc.) are available here.

All the invited papers should be submitted in electronic version (PDF format) before July 23, 2019 to the e-mail address

In addition, two hardcopies of the manuscript have to be submitted at the registration desk of the conference.

Regular Abstracts, that have been submitted by 10 March 2019 (extended deadline) , will be reviewed by the ICPEAC Committees in April in order :

  • to be published on line as part of the Conference Proceedings in Journal of Physics: Conference Series unless authors have declined this publication
  • to be selected as Special Report to highlight the most recent developments. 26 Hot Topic Talks will be added to the Scientific Conference Program and the synopsis of those selected abstracts will appear in the Conference Handbook.

Post-deadline abstracts, submitted before 15 June 2019 have been reviewed by the Local Organizing Committee.

All accepted abstracts (Regular and Post-deadline) will be accessible in electronic version from the Conference Website and will appear in the Book of Abstracts. The list of all accepted regular abstracts will be published in the Conference Handbook.

Post-post deadline abstracts can still be sent to the Local Organizing Committee. Provided acceptance and available poster boards during the poster sessions, they could be displayed during the conference. They will neither appear in the Book of Abstracts nor in the Conference Handbook. Nevertheless and addendum will be printed and distributed to the ICPEAC 2019 participants.

Detailed instructions on post-post-deadline abstract preparation and submission can be found here.

Support policy

Financial Support Policy

Our general policy is to primarily help young researchers and students to attend the conference.

Limited funds will be certainly also available to support participants presenting invited talks or contributed posters. Participants from developing regions will be considered on our list of priorities.

Detailed instructions are available now to apply for a grant for Young Scientists, and for financial support for participants. The deadline to send those applications has been extended to 10 March 2019.


Two prestigious prizes for young scientists will be awarded at the XXXI ICPEAC in Deauville:

  • The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics,
  • The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize (YSP) of the IUPAP C15 Committee is granted to nominees, with not more than 8 years research experience (excluding career interruption) following the PhD, who have made original and outstanding contributions to the field of AMO Physics. Next July, during the XXXI ICPEAC, the 2019 YSP will be awarded to Andreas Mooser, from the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics & CERN and Christian Smorra, from CERN.

    Andreas Mooser and Christian Smorra have both been selected for their outstanding contribution to determine the most precise comparison of the proton-to-antiproton charge-to-mass ratios and the most precise comparison of the proton and antiproton magnetic moments, constituting two different world-record tests of the fundamental charge, parity, and time reversal symmetry in these systems. They will give a Plenary talk at the conference on those aspects in the morning of Monday July 29.

  • The Sheldon Datz Prize for an Outstanding Young Scientist attending ICPEAC.
  • The Sheldon Datz prize supports an outstanding young researcher to attend ICPEAC. Next July, during the XXXI ICPEAC, it will be awarded to Vincent Lemelin, from the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiobiology, Sherbrooke University, Canada.

    Vincent Lemelin, a PhD student in the group of Prof. Léon Sanche, has been selected by the ICPEAC officers for his work on the comprehension of radiation energy deposition in biological materials. He will present a Special Report at the conference on his measurements on low-energy electron scattering from DNA constituents, during the parallel session scheduled on Thursday July 25 in the morning.

Poster prizes

5 Poster prizes were awarded and selected daily by the popular vote

  • Day 1- 24 July: Chen Ren (Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, China), “Resonance contribution to electron-impact excitation rate coefficients of helium-like S14+ ions”
  • Day 2- 25 July: Anna Niggas (TU Wien ,Vienna, Austria), “The role of contaminations on the interaction of highly charged ions with 2D materials”
  • Day 3- 26 July: Łukasz Jabloński (Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland), “X-ray study of ultrafast relaxation of hollow atoms created in collisions of slow highly charged Xe ions with metallic surfaces”
  • Day 4- 29 July: Tijani Idbarkachi (IPN, Orsay, France), “Fragmentation of hydrocarbons by collision. AGAT@ANDROMEDE”
  • Day 5- 30 July: Hao Liang (Peking University, Beijing, Rep. of China), “Temporal-spatial double slit interference of photoelectron”



Registrations are close by now.

Satellite meetings
and related conferences

Satellite meetings

During the days just before and after ICPEAC XXXI, six satellite meetings will be organized in various French cities with convenient access from and to Deauville. Another one will be held in Belgrade with a schedule compatible with ICPEAC XXXI, and easily reachable by direct flight.

26th International Symposium on Ion-Atom Collisions
19-22 July 2019 - Paris (France)
20th International Symposium on Correlation, Polarization and Ionization in Atomic and Molecular Collisions
(previously e--2e- and Polarization twin satellites)
31 July-3 August 2019 - Metz (France)

Social program

Traditionally, ICPEAC has a dynamic Social Program. It starts with a Welcome Reception on Tuesday 23 July (from 18:00 to 22:00), continues with Public Lectures of general interest on Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 July at 20:00, and concludes with a Conference Dinner on Monday 29 July at 19:00. In addition an entertainment on “Plasma” will be displayed during the whole conference.

All of these activities will be held at the Deauville International Center. The Public Lectures are free. The cost of the Welcome Reception is included in the full, student and accompanying person registration fees. Conference Dinner tickets can be purchased at a subsidized rate using the online registration system . Excursions for accompanying persons as well as weekend tours are organized. Nautical and kid activities are also proposed.


Trade exhibition

During the Tutorials in Caen, exhibition stands devoted to young scientists and their future career will be welcome. The best location in the reception hall will be reserved for them.

Sponsors can display their products such as scientific equipment and instrumentations, science books and/or specialized journals at the conference. A provision of modular booths will be available as well as display racks. They will be located at the center of the poster and coffee-break halls organized in a friendly exhibition area of the Deauville International Center.

In addition, sponsors will have the opportunity to participate in the Job Market organized to connect students and postdocs with companies and laboratories offering PhD fellowships, post-doctoral and job contracts.

A clear advertisement of the sponsoring will be provided by the organizers to all participants.

The Local 0rganizing Committee pledges to use this sponsorship mainly to financially support students and young scientists (PhD+4years). Please contact if you are interested and would like any further information.

Current Sponsors

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of the sponsors who already supported and recognized ICPEAC2019. Additional sponsors are welcome and will be announced below, as well as at the Conference, and on the Conference Handbook.

The organizers of ICPEAC XXXI pledge that they will apply the "IUPAP Policies on Conferences", including the requirements related to the free circulation of scientists as well as the statement on harassment at conferences.


ICPEAC committees

Executive committee

Kiyoshi Ueda - Scientific Chair ( Responsive image - Japan)
Emma Sokell - Secretary ( Responsive image - Ireland)
Stefan Schippers - Treasurer ( Responsive image - Germany)
Fritz Aumayr - Vice Chair ( Responsive image - Austria)
Hossein Sadeghpour - Past Chair ( Responsive image - United States)
Alexander Dorn ( Responsive image - Germany)
Ken-Ichi Ishikawa ( Responsive image - Japan)
Akiyoshi Hishikawa ( Responsive image - Japan)
Eva Lindroth ( Responsive image - Sweden)

ICPEAC XXX (Cairns, Responsive image - Australia, 2017)

Anatoli Kheifets - Chair
Igor Bray - Co-chair

ICPEAC XXXI (Deauville, Responsive image - France, 2019)

Dominique Vernhet - Chair
Lamri Adoui - Co-chair
Olivier Dulieu - Co-chair

ICPEAC XXXII (Ottawa, Responsive image - Canada, 2021)

Tom Kirchner - Chair
André Staudte - Co-chair

ICPEAC XXXIII (Hamburg, Responsive image - Germany, 2023)

Robin Santra - Chair
Michael Meyer - Co-chair

General committee

Responsive image - Argentina


Responsive image - Australia

M. Bromley

R. Sang

Responsive image - Austria

C. Lemell

Responsive image - Belgium

F. Remacle

Responsive image - Brazil

R. Costa

M. Varella

Responsive image - Canada

Z.-C. Yan

Responsive image - China

X. Cai

D. Ding

B. Wei

Responsive image - Czech Rep.

J. Fedor

Responsive image - Finland

E. Kukk

Responsive image - France

P. Martin

Responsive image - Germany

A. Gumberidze

H. Kreckel


O. Smirnova

Responsive image - Hungary

K. Varjú

Responsive image - India


M. Vinodkumar

Responsive image - Italy

P. Bolognesi

Responsive image - Japan


K. Okada

M. Tachikawa

M. Takahashi

Responsive image - Poland

M. Pajek

Responsive image - Russia

A. Grum-Grzhimailo

O. Vasyutinskii

Responsive image - Spain

A. Palacios

R. Prosmiti

Responsive image - Sweden

H. Zettergren

Responsive image - Switzerland

F. Merkt

Responsive image - Turkey

Z. Nur Ozer

Responsive image - United Kingdom

V. Averbukh

G. Gribakin

Responsive image - United States

L. Argenti

I. Fabrikant

T. Killian

H. Lewandowski

Local organizing committee


Dominique Vernhet (INSP - Paris)


Lamri Adoui (CIMAP - Caen)
Danielle Dowek (ISMO - Orsay)
Olivier Dulieu (LAC - Orsay)
Emily Lamour (INSP - Paris)


M. de Anda Villa

C. Prigent

D. Schury

S. Steydli

M. Trassinelli


T. Marchenko

F. Penent


M. Chabot


P.-A. Hervieux


C. Bordas

R. Brédy

F. Lépine


A. Domaracka

J. Douady

P. Rousseau


S. Ferri


L. U. Ancarani


H. Bachau

V. Blanchet

F. Catoire

B. Fabre

B. Pons

A. Sopena

LOMC-Le Havre

I. Schneider


P. M. Dinh


Dominique Vernhet
Chair ICPEAC 2019
Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, CNRS
Sorbonne Université
4, Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France
Olivier Dulieu
Co-Chair ICPEAC 2019
Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, CNRS
Bât. 505, Université Paris-Sud
91400 Orsay, France

Conference e-mail

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