Public lecture

Philippe Fleury

Philippe Fleury, Professor in Latin at the University of Caen, and eminent specialist in ancient Rome, will take us back in time. Thanks to the virtual reality techniques, he will propose us an immersion in the mazes of ancient Rome or will make us discover the machines of antiquity and their operation mode.


A “Plasma game” allowing grown-ups and kids to play with their own reflection in a magnetized plasma will be available during the conference.

A generative and interactive artwork that makes it possible for visitors to see their own reflection in the fourth state of matter: Plasma.

Plasma Reflection is designed like a distorting mirror which would turn the matter of those who are facing it. On the other side of the mirror, matter is ionized. It is Plasma. The silhouettes of those who stand or move in front of Plasma Reflection are diffused in space and are subject to the turbulence generated by the magnetic field. The installation lives with people who interact with it.

Some “kid activities”, as “experiments @ the beach” to enjoy physics laws and even collisions (!) could be proposed depending on the weather and the number of children interested.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will take place at the “Terrasses” of the Deauville International Center starting from 18:00 on 23 July 2019.

The cost of the Welcome Reception is included in the full, student, and accompanying person registration fees.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place at the the Deauville International Center on Monday 29 July, starting at 19:00.

Tickets for the Conference Dinner can be purchased upon registration through the online registration system. The Conference Dinner is free of charge for children less than 12 years old.


We provide various tours for conference participants and accompanying persons to choose during the weekend and the conference days, organized by the “A la carte events” company. You are strongly advised to pre-book the tours in advance through the booking system included in the online registration form. The registration will be definitive and firm as soon as the participants pay the fees for the booked tour(s) at the ICPEAC venue. Tour fee will be paid either by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by cash (Euros only) on-site directly to the “A la carte events” company in charge of those excursions.

Please note, that your pre-booking might be cancelled if less than the minimum number of persons (as indicated below for each option) is registered for the tour. In such a case, the participants who were previously registered will be informed by email. Any question or specific request regarding the tours must be asked directly to the “A la carte events” company which will be present at the ICPEAC venue, and not to the ICPEAC organizers.

All the tours will start from the Conference Venue (CID), and to enjoy your tour, mind to wear casual clothes and comfortable, flat, non-slip walking shoes.

Excursions Contact

Chemin de la Maladrerie
14340 Bonnebosq, France
Tel : +33 (0)2 14 63 16 55

Accompanying Persons


Please note that all these tours will be organized for a minimum of 20 participants . All the prices are in Euros and taxes (VAT) included.

Excursions Contact

Chemin de la Maladrerie
14340 Bonnebosq, France
Tel : +33 (0)2 14 63 16 55

Walking tour in Deauville- Wednesday 24 July

A morning tour with a guide to discover “the Queen of the Norman beaches”!

With its famous hippodrome for horse races, its Grand Casino, sumptuous hotels, beachfront boardwalk and its string of flamboyant Belle Époque villas, Deauville is regarded as one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in all of France. In the 1910 years, many luxury boutiques opened like the Coco Chanel's first shop, and you will be fond of wander in the streets of Deauville.

The walking tour, with a guide from the Deauville tourist office, will last from 9:30 am to 11 am.

Walking tour in Trouville- Thursday 25 July

Only the River Touques separates Deauville from Trouville-sur-Mer, yet both resorts are quite different. Shaped and brought to life by its fishing port, Trouville is a characterful seafront resort. The typical seaside architecture of its seafront villas intermingles in perfect harmony with the traditional fishermen's cottages that line the narrow streets of the town centre.

The casino and the fish market are Trouville's most emblematic buildings. Mozin, Proust, Duras and Savignac all travelled to Trouville, contributing towards the town's cultural development. There's always something going on in Trouville-sur-Mer!

The walking tour, with a guide from the Trouville tourist office, will last from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Full day in Bayeux and “Château de Brécy”- Friday 26 July

A full day tour to visit a very popular historic site in France.

The Bayeux Tapestry is 229 feet long, 19 inches high, and 350 kilos weight! It relates the conquest of England by William the Conqueror, from 1064 to the outcome of the Battle of Hastings. The Bayeux Tapestry is listed "Memory of the World" by UNESCO; if you never saw it, don’t miss this opportunity!

After a visit of Bayeux, you will move to the “Château de Brécy” in the heart of the countryside, between Caen and Bayeux, to simply marvel at its splendid formal garden that dates from the mid 17th century... a composition of Medieval notes, Renaissance additions.

9:00 am Departure from your hotel by bus
10:30 am Walking tour around the town – Tapestry Museum and Cathedral tour
1:00 pm Lunch (included) in Bayeux
2:30 pm Departure for the “Château de Brécy”
3:00 pm Arrival in Brécy - Tour of the Italian gardens
4:30 pm Departure for Deauville and tasting on the return
6:30 pm Arrival in Deauville

Full day visiting “Châteaux & Jardins” – Monday 29 July

A full day tour to visit the Vendeuvre castle, the Canon castle and their gardens.

In the magical Vendeuvre castle, you will discover the Miniature Furniture museum, first collection in the world, the lifestyle in the 18th century that has been preserved like its original decoration and furniture, the amazing collection of dog kennels, and the kitchens and their secrets. Around the castle, you will enter into a paradise by discovering various gardens: utility garden, topiary garden, surprise water gardens, romantic garden, mazes and the exotic garden.

The Canon castle and its surrounding estate offer a splendid ensemble in the heart of the Normandy countryside. A mirror of water, regular formal flower beds, all in perfect harmony with the landscaped gardens that keep their composition as it has always been since the mid 18th century. Not to be missed: the chartreuses, genuine open-air greenhouses!

9:00 am Departure from your hotel by bus
10:00 pm Arrival in Vendeuvre : tour of the castle, gardens and museum
12:30 pm Lunch (included) in the former Orangerie
2:00 pm Departure for the Canon castle
2:30 pm Arrival in Canon - Tour of the estate and taste the local products at the organic farm
4:00 pm Departure for Deauville
5:00 pm Arrival in Deauville

Tour on World War II Batteries on boards Jeeps- Tuesday 30 July

Driven in authentic WWII Jeeps, during an afternoon, you will discover one of the most surprising sites in Deauville.

On a hill steeped in history, you will visit a coastal battery, which is the most important artillery support point that operated between 1935 and 1940. The most attractive element of the visit is the underground structure, 15 meters below the surface, with its 250 meter-long network of tunnels, 25 barracks, 6 stairs allowing access to the surface, 25 ammunition bunkers... A unique work on more than 150 km of Norman coast!

The tour will last from 2:30 pm to 5 pm.

Week-end tours

Saturday 27 July
Tour 1 Mont Saint Michel Abbey 118 € min. 30 participants
Tour 2 Rouen city 75 € min. 30 participants
Tour 3 Etretats cliffs and Honfleur city 98 € min. 20 participants
Tour 4 Bayeux 98 € min. 20 participants
max. 100 participants
Sunday 28 July
Tour 1 Landing beaches, US sector 130 € min. 20 participants
max. 150 participants
Tour 2 Giverny, Monet's house & Gardens 120 € min. 40 participants
max. 110 participants
Tour 3 Cruising to Chausey Islands 250 € 40 participants min. & max.
Tour 4 Pegasus Bridge & Arromanches 130 € min. 20 participants
max. 100 participants

Please note that all the prices are in Euros and taxes (VAT) included.

In addition, nautical activities, like paddle, canoe, kayak or sailing will be proposed, depending on the weather, at a rate of around 50 € or less. Further details on those activities will be provided during the conference.

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey - Tour 1 - Saturday 27 July

A full day tour to visit one of the most popular historic sites in France.

The Mont Saint-Michel abbey was initially a monastery built during the 10th century. Since 1862, the abbey is protected as a French “monument historique”, and since 1979, the Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are recognized as ones of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The Mont-Saint Michel is always very crowded.

Travel time from Deauville is approximately 2.5 hours each way. This all-day tour entails walking over long distances, uneven surfaces, steep stairs and inclines of approximately 92 meters (300 feet).

Note that comfortable, flat, sturdy, non-slip walking shoes are required. Casual clothing and a weather-resistant jacket with hood is recommended in case of rain due to narrow walkways.

8:00 am Departure from Deauville
10:30 am Arrival at Mont Saint-Michel coach park
11:15 am Shuttle access to Mont Saint-Michel
11:45 am Mont Saint-Michel audio-guided tour
1:00 pm Free time and lunch on your own
2:45 pm Shuttle access to the coach park
3:30 pm Departure for Deauville
6:00 pm Arrival in Deauville

Rouen city - Tour 2 - Saturday 27 July

A full tour to discover an impressionist city and Rouen “Trésor”.

Rouen was founded by the Gaulish tribe of Veliocasses, who controlled a large area in the lower Seine valley, which today retains a trace of their name as the Vexin. This is also the city where Joan of Arc was tried and executed for heresy during the Hundred Years War. Rouen was an important place in the development of Impressionism art movement, and is today the capital of Normandy.

On a walking tour through the narrow, cobblestoned medieval streets of the Old Town, you will see, among other sights, the Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral - often painted by Claude Monet, and the Old Clock - the emblem of Enlightenment in Rouen.

Note that comfortable, flat, sturdy, non-slip walking shoes are recommended.

8:00 am Departure from Deauville
9:30 am Arrival at Rouen coach park
Free time and lunch on your own
4:00 pm Departure
6:00 pm Arrival in Deauville

Étretat cliffs and Honfleur city – Tour 3- Saturday 27 July

A full day to enjoy a romantic open-air theatre overlooking the Channel and the atmosphere of a Norman-coast village.

The Etretat cliffs have provided inspiration to some of the most illustrious artists. Even during a short visit, one can easily understand why! Etretat is a place where emotions are real. The astonishing verticality of the cliffs of the Alabaster Coast contrasts perfectly with the gentle roundness of the shore.

Across the River Seine, from the bustling port of Le Havre, Honfleur is one of the splendors of the Norman coast. This city also boasts many art galleries, some of which selling works by local artists. You will also find small boutiques and shops selling locally-made food products. The tour will offer you the opportunity to discover Sainte Catherine’s church, the oldest church in France entirely built in wood.

8:30 am Departure from Deauville
9:45 am Arrival in Etretat around
10:00 to 12:00 pm Walk around the cliffs and the small town
12:00 pm Departure for Honfleur
1:00 pm Arrival in Honfleur
2:30 pm Free time and lunch on your own
5:00 pm Departure for Deauville
5:40 pm Arrival in Deauville

Bayeux –Tour 4 -Saturday 27 July

An afternoon in Bayeux, discovering the city and the Bayeux tapestry: a medieval experience!

Founded as a Gallo-Roman settlement in the 1st century BC, Bayeux is nowadays a major tourist attraction, best known for the Bayeux tapestry, made to commemorate events in the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. According to the legend, the tapestry was embroidered by Reine Mathilde, the wife of William the Conqueror. In fact, it may have been designed and woven in England. It is displayed in a museum in the town centre.

The large Norman-Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral Notre-Dame de Bayeux consecrated in 1077, was arguably the original home of the tapestry where William's half-brother Odo of Bayeux (represented on the tapestry with a wooden club at the Battle of Hastings), would have had it displayed.

With a departure from Deauville at 1:15 pm., the tour, with a guide, will last until around 6:00 pm. (arrival in Deauville)

Landing beaches, US sector – Tour 1- Sunday 28 July

A full day to remember and emotionally charged!

An amazing armada of allied troops, British, American, Canadian and more, landed on Normandy’s beaches on 6 June 1944 to start the liberation of Europe from years of nazi occupation. The planners of this crucial event for European-freedom-code named it D-Day.

You will go through the US sector, following the Normandy coast, going to Sainte-Mère-Église far west, back to Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc. A good way to learn all about this most daring and world-changing of naval operations.

Note that warm, weather-resistant windbreaker, layered clothing with long sleeves, as well as comfortable, sturdy, closed-toe walking shoes, such as hiking shoes or boots are recommended.

8:00 am Departure from Deauville
9:45 am Arrival in Sainte-Mère-Église, village square and Airborne Museum
11:30 am Departure for Omaha Beach Golf Club
12:15 pm Lunch (included), Golf Club restaurant
1:30 pm Departure for Normandy American Cemetery
3:30 pm Departure for Omaha Beach
4:00 pm Departure for Pointe du Hoc
5:30 pm Departure for Deauville
7:00 pm Arrival in Deauville

Giverny, Monet’s House & Gardens –Tour 2-Sunday 28 July

Welcome to the world of the painter and gardener Claude Monet!

For over 40 years, until his death in 1926, Giverny was Monet’s home, his site of creation and his masterpiece. A world of senses, of colors and of memories, the house in which the artist and his family lived, notably contains his studio-sitting room and his exceptional collection of Japanese prints.

The gardens are composed of the Clos Normand, with its flowerbeds, and the Water Garden, planted with oriental vegetation and weeping willows, its Japanese bridge painted green and its waterlilies.

8:00 am Departure from Deauville
10:00 am Arrival in Giverny : Tour to the house of Monet and the gardens
12:00 pm Lunch (included), les Nymphéas restaurant
2:00 pm Afternoon tour to the Impressionists Museum
4:00 pm Departure for Deauville with tasting stop en route
7:00 pm Arrival at your hotel around

Cruising to Chausey Islands – Tour 3- Sunday 28 July

A full day for an unforgettable cruise, experiencing maneuvers on a French old sailing ship!

Subject to the weather report (of course!)

The “Lys Noir” is one of the last French yachts of the 20’s. She was built in Arcachon in 1914 for a rich German Prince whose blazon was a black Lily. Never delivered because of the war, she was bought by a French family after the war to the fifties, and will sail on the Mediterranean under the name of Oceanix. Bought in 1972 by passionate sailors from Granville, she will be entirely renovated in the eighties. Since 2014, she belongs to “Lys Noir Association” and sails from Granville port.

Note that warm, weather-resistant windbreaker jacket with hood, as well as comfortable, sturdy, closed-toe shoes are recommended.

9:00 am Departure from Deauville
11:30 am Arrival in Granville , free time and lunch on your own
1:15 pm Boat cruise to Chausey archipelago on “La Vedette de Granville”
2:00 to 5:30 pm Sailing around the island aboard the “Lys Noir “

The group will be split in 2 to learn and help the sailboat maneuvering during 1 hour and half each

6:30 pm Departure from Chausey on “La Vedette de Granville”
7:15 pm Arrival in Granville
7:45 pm Dinner (included) in Granville
9:15 pm Departure from Granville by bus
11:45 pm Arrival in Deauville

Pegasus Bridge & Arromanches – Tour 4 - Sunday 28 July

An half-day visiting the English sector of the D-Day landing beaches...and more!

8:00 am Departure from Deauville
11:30 am The beach and the remains of the artificial harbor, Mulberry Museum or Arromanches 360 circular theater
10:40 am Departure for Pegasus Bridge
11:30 am Arrival in Pegasus - Museum tour
1:00 pm Departure for Deauville
1:45 pm Arrival in Deauville

Starting from the very heart of the D-Day beaches, you will see Arromanches, which is renowned for its artificial "Mulberry" harbor, known as "Port Winston", whose remains, both impressive and moving, continue to remind visitors of the remarkable technical feat of taking 600,000 tons of concrete and equipment across the Channel in wartime to serve as a base for Allied troops.

On June 26th 1944, the Caen Canal bridge was baptized Pegasus Bridge as a tribute to the British troops. Pegasus, the winged horse, was the emblem worn on the sleeves of the men of the airborne division. The Pegasus Bridge acquired celebrity status, in 1961, due to the D-Day film, The Longest Day. Replaced in 1994 by a new bridge, the original Pegasus Bridge is now on display in the park of the museum.

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